Weekend Shopping

One of Journaling Woman's hobbies is sewing. Sewing for herself in high school and for her children later gave her a great appreciation for well designed and manufactured clothing. JW doesn't like to pay a big price for clothing -rarely, because frankly she believes it's mostly cheaply made. There are exceptions to this observation. Looking for great sales on clothing is just about the only way JW will buy clothing (or wait for Dr. Lovely Daughter's hand-me-downs). Below are this weekends sale items. Journaling Woman believes frugal daughter, Dr. Lovely Daughter, would be proud of these purchases.

This is my favorite. I wanted another animal print to go under my jackets. My old one looks ragged. And there it was on the rack at $3.00. Here is something to consider. As I was writing my check (yes I still use checks - so I'm a dinosaur- so what) I "thought" that out of the corner of my eye I saw the shirt scan for the original price. I asked her to check it and it did. She said the clearance tag was not completely over the old scan label. hmmm

I like to call this my new karate shirt. It is actually a mock wrap shirt with a black grosgrain ribbon around the waist. Anyone who knows me, can tell you that I have many white shirts in my closet because I LOVE WHITE SHIRTS. But I swear to you this looks exactly like #1 Racer Son's karate shirt (from when he was little). I feel a good chop or HA coming on. $5.00

I love this top. But on me not so good. It just doesn't look good on my non-existent shoulders. I will try it though. I just hope I don't look like a yellow polka dotted bikini submarine. Am I mixing two Beatle songs? $5.00

Total shopping - Three tops = $13.00 plus tax.


  1. Dr. Lovely Daughter does approve! ;) I want the 1st and 3rd shirts when you get sick of them...


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