Tool Time

I love writing but...

Because of Lesley over Melbourne way, I feel inspired to confess that I also love tools. She bought a new sander. I was very excited for her. So now I would like to show you another side of me. I love tools, did I mention that already? My second passion after writing is do-it-yourself projects. I confess that even though I am a fru fru girl, I love my tools and I love to use them.

I also love to paint you know... change the color of my walls when I get bored or when I look at too many decorating magazines. I owe my love of paint to my Artsy Dad. As a child, he was always touching up something with paint or painting something new.

He was ahead of his time. These days “they" say painting a room is the most inexpensive way to spruce up a room or turn blah furniture into WOW furniture. “They” say.

I'm kind of handy.

I mean I can’t build a house.

I can’t shingle a roof.

But I have been busy this year with my DIY projects.

I wired this lamp… I bought at a flea market.

This last weekend I did a couple of things.

I painted this shelf. I bought it at a garage sale a few years ago for $10.00. It was not that pretty and it only had one shelf. This weekend I felt like painting it white. And I found a board in my garage and cut out an additional new shelf. I love it. It is housing my heavy Longaberger bowls and an antique crock bowl. Sorry I forgot to take a before picture.

I also painted this brass fireplace door with black enamel paint so it would match the other metal on the fireplace.

I think it looks better.

And while I was at it I painted this green range hood to match my new black and stainless steel stove. I had nightmares about the avocado green hood. But now I am free!

After. See?

It is difficult to see, but it looks wonderful.

Then I finished tiling this vanity. It needed the trim. (PS my dad replaced the sink for me. He is handy too.)

And this summer I...

replaced the steps to my deck and

... sewed curtains for a bedroom.

And since January

I finished tiling the top of this old dresser that I use as a vanity (in my bath) in a mosaic pattern. This is an earlier photo that doesn't show you that I finished trimming it too. There isn't a before picture because...I didn't need one... I hadn't discovered the delightful world of blogging... yet.

So there it is. Whew! No wonder I'm tired all the time. I just wanted you to know that I love my tools and doing small projects on my own.

So how about you? What do you love to create?


Handy JW


  1. Oooohhh sensational! Tool Time. I love it. I'm so glad it's not just me. Don't you love that transformation and the fact YOU DID IT!?

    Great stuff!


  2. they really look awesome and i liked the lamp most take care

  3. Lesley, In the middle of every project, I think why did I start this, but after- I am glad I could spruce a little.

    WD, None of it's perfect, but I do enjoy doing those things...most of the time.

    Tugce, Thanks. I use to really like those lamps and through the years bought three, but only use one.

  4. What a wonderful job JW! On everything!! :)

  5. Amazing stuff here! There's such satisfaction creating with the hands, isn't there? I'm in no way as handy as you, but does a tomato garden count as a creation? I love doing that. And love creating photographs too. Kudos to you on your tool-ingenuity!

  6. Thanks Carol, It doesn't really compare to what you all do, but it improves my house a little.

  7. Joanne, YES gardening counts. I am trying to do better in that area. And photograhy is a part of my heart too. I understand it.

  8. WoW! A girl after my own heart who enjoys the buzz of power tools. I get a rush from using them. I love creating flower gardens, stories, painting, furniture, decorating.....the list goes on. Your projects turned out beautiful.

    Have a terrific day enjoying your many blessings!!!

  9. Hi, Nezzy, Maybe we should form a club I'm a thinking. I too get a rush. It must be a power thing.

  10. Wow! Me too. I have been playing with power tools since I was tall enough to use my dad's table saw. Then there is drawing, sewing, crocheting, poetry... Your projects can net you some earnings at ehow.
    It's great fun to finish a project and then to relive it in an article.
    Just a thought.

    Take care & God bless!

  11. Judy, It is very exciting to me, to know there are other women out there who enjoy using tools. I feel a sisterhood coming on!

    Thanks for the ehow tip. I hadn't thought of that. I must take more pictures...

  12. We might be kindred spirits! I am a total tool person and have my won toolbox. I have painted my fireplace tiles, put in garden walls, built fence sections, refinished furniture, rewired my bathroom lights, and copied sewing patterns for my daughter off dresses. I also paint walls, faux, mural, and canvas (not so good on canvas!). Oh, best thing this year? Painted my brass entryway hanging light to look old world. Cheap fix for an eye sore!

  13. Meredith, We are! Again this makes me happy. We could all sit around the table sipping our coffee and share our project ideas.


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