I left the office

Last week I left my office and traveled 12 miles to our rural elementary school to provide a little technology help in person.

I really like going out there. Mary makes my visits pleasant.

Although it looks like I was chasing rainbows, actually the rainbow was in my windshield. What? Yes, I was driving slow while taking the pictures. Sure, I might have stopped in the middle of road once...or twice. That's how we drive here. Or that's how I drive. What? Absolutely no harm came to any animal or person while filming these pictures. I did run over...a rogue Styrofoam cup flitting across the highway. It wasn't my fault.

Along the way, I photographed some buildings in the small town as I went through it, that I want to share with you.

This is or was a church. I may have mentioned at some point that it seemed like I visited every church in our county, at least once, growing up. Every time the church doors were open and services were going on my maternal grandmother was there, and I went with her many times. NO, she didn't make me go. I loved spending time with her. She didn't drive though. Hmm how did we get to all those church services? I have a memory of going to this church. Church services were well attended back then on Sundays and during the week, if there were revivals.

This is the side of an old hotel. The highway, that runs in front of it, was once well traveled and the little town saw lots of business from those travellers.
This is the side and front. Trees have grown up in the middle of the building. My adventurous side wants to go climb in and snoop. (That side of me comes from my adventurous dad.) But, I won't because it's not right to trespass, right? ...oh and I still have that spider phobia.

It's nice to get out of the office sometimes...


  1. I love these kinds of pictures! My absolute favorite--my imagination goes wild!

    Good for you for your volunteer work, by the way!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. What an amazing outing. Great pics. Thanks for sharing! Isn't it amazing how different the country life looks compared to city life.

  3. I'm with you, it would be lots of fun to explore these buildings now! They have so much charm, it looks like there are many stories hidden in their age, their character.

  4. I remember helping to clean that old church with Auntie G and cousin C when I was a kid. It was beautiful then, and pretty sad looking now. I do wonder what it looks like inside now. I'd like to haul all these old buildings home with me....

  5. Isn't it great to leave the office?

    Fun photos. I need to take some of the old town near us. It has 2 bars, one church and a general store....

  6. Elizabeth, They do reve up the imagination-don't they? I sat down one day and wrote a short story with the old hotel as my setting.

    Eileen, It is amazing how different city and country locations are, but they both have their beauty.

    Joanne, Let's go sneak in after dark, BUT someone has to protect me from the...you know...

    Tammy, I just have one thing to say to you. What in the world would do with two gigantic falling apart buildings? Never mind, I think I know.

    Stephanie, Welcome!!Yes you need to. I really intended to take pictures 10 or 15 years ago, but didn't.

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  8. Thank you for sharing these pictures. I love old buildings and have many such pictures on my walls. I miss the country and wish I was taking a ride like that!

  9. I love these old buildings. I, too, love to explore. They seem to call me...maybe it's the spiders I hear.

  10. I don't like creepy crawlers either, but I bet it would have been worth a little scare. lol


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