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I went to a memorial service for Jesse this weekend. He was 23 years old when he died last week of cancer. He fought very hard for 1 ½ years against the disease.

His family didn’t want his service to be sad, they wanted a gathering of happiness and joy and laughter…and they got it. There were tears too.

Someone said he must have known somehow that he was going to die young. He married young, had his children very young, moved out of his mom and dad’s house young and started working in the real world young and…then he died young. Maybe he did know, because he certainly didn’t put off until tomorrow….

Here are some gifts that were given and received:
is more important than pouting… which is a waste of time.
Forgiveness should never be a question, because it hurts you more if you don’t.
Saying I love you should be as automatic as breathing.
Take care of your family first and foremost.
Don’t be so busy that you can’t enjoy your passion.
Don’t worry about looking silly…just have fun.
Be kind to everyone, even if you don’t feel like it.
Miracles are not just about the physical healing.

Jesse didn’t believe in organized religion. We shouldn’t put our faith in religion because it will let you down every time. However, when asked by his sweet baby sister if he still believed in Jesus, he pointed to all the tubes in his wasting away body and said "Look at me. How could I have gone through all of this and not believe in Jesus. I wouldn’t have had the strength."

His oldest little girl told someone, “My daddy is living in heaven, he is way up there, he is an angel now.” Jesse’s brother put on his own Facebook, “I can’t wait to see you again.” Hearts are broken and probably always will be for Jesse. But he would never ever want his family to stop living and loving each other.

I knew Jesse loved hunting and fishing, the whole family does.
I didn’t know he loved the group Corn.
I knew he loved the girls in high school.
I didn’t know he could say the word metamorphosis at the age of four.

Jesse’s family wants to remember him as the multifaceted young man that he was- fun, comedic, kind and loving- not sick and dying. That’s what I am praying for my friend L and family that they during their grieving time will also be able to laugh at Jesse’s memories. Those memories were his life and that’s what he has left them so they can carry on.

NOW let's get the laughter going, Jesse would want that. If you have a minute go over to Indie's site and read The Tale of the Painted Lady. My country roots go deep and we're not talking about my hair, hair that I've forgotten what color it actually is. I am a country girl and I appreciate the farm. Go look at this brilliant (and I imagine difficult to photograph) blog post. I have visited this post three times. I needed the laugh. If you don't laugh then sometin's wrong wits ya.

Have a great Monday and come back later today for the Giveaway announcement!!!

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  1. Jesse's death is very touching. Though short, he seems to spend his life in the best way a human can do.May he be in peace.

    Thanks for sharing Indie's page. I have just visited it. It was funny.

    Keep very well...

  2. Such a tragic story,but an inspiring one, too. It just rips me up when people die young, though.

    Thanks for the link to Blackberry Hill! Hadn't seen that site.


  3. What a sad loss, Jesse sounds like quite a guy. If those gifts you posted come from him, what a treasure he left for others.

  4. What a touching and sensitive post about Jesse you have written Journaling Woman.

    Your words are going to linger with me for awhile.

    p.s. Thank you for sending your friends to say hi - you know such interesting people!


  5. this pain is just too real:/ but everybody knows that life goes on although we lost sb, even if this grief is unimaginable
    u are so right with these gifts we should always remember them
    take care of urself

  6. Yagmur, Yes he did live to the fullest. It was amazing.

    Elizabeth, Me too, rips me up. It's just hard to accept.

    Gail, Thanks

    Joanne, From the service those things stood out to me as the way he lived and loved.

    Indie, Well... that post is hysterical. As for friends...I don't really know any of you, but it's nice to pretend I do. We are all just people- trying to live life the best we can.

  7. Hard to watch so many young people suffer, and it's hard on their families, too. My thoughts and prayers are with Jesse's family today.

    I visited the manicured chicken, funny!

  8. What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful young man. I feel honored to have read it. Thanks and God bless his family!


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