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Ramble #1

I am on Christmas break for two weeks. Schools tend to shut down for the holidays... around here anyway. I am thankful for this perk, especially since I am struggling with my wonderful job.

My posts will be few this week. I need to do some serious reflection. I need to know why I am falling apart at the seams. I need to pray and listen and that's what I will be doing. Oh and I will be getting my house ready for Christmas dinner... where I will be... now hold onto You heard me c.o.o.k.i.n.g.

Ramble #2

Ornaments have come and gone on my Christmas trees these past years. But three things ALWAYS decorate my pine trees whether real or fake.

The first is... son's first shoes. He wore them home from the hospital, but I don't think he remembers.

AND... daughter's shoes which look like ballet shoes. She took ballet for 10 years. hmm She wore these little shoes home from the hospital. She swears she remembers wearing them home, but then she is a shoe person. (I'm kidding- except she does love shoes.)

AND... Angel sitting atop my main tree, not just any angel but an AVON angel. She goes with nothing on my tree since my ornaments are mostly gold and red on this tree. But I don't care, I like her. She likes me...she sort of told me. Now don't be calling my daughter.

These three special symbols of my life have adorned my trees for 32 years, 27 years, 30 years.

Do you have a favorite ornament or tree topper?


  1. I have a beautiful blue ornament that was given to me a long time ago by my first grade teacher. I've had it on every tree for over 50 years. I met her a few years ago and told her I still had it, and had hung it on our tree every year... she was so happy!

  2. sitting in front of that tree is a perfect way to take time for reflection... wishing you a blessed Christmas

  3. Our tree topper is a gold star that I've had for decades. It's a little chipped, but the bits of glitter are still holding on, as are its memories of so many Christmases.

    Have fun cooking; when we cook our Christmas lasagna, we play a Sinatra Christmas cd to add just the right ambiance to the food :)

  4. I've never really collected sentimental ornaments before but now, so many fellow mom bloggers have motivated me to start!

    The shoes are so precious!

  5. Solstice/Christmas/New Year's is a time for reflection. That's a good thing. Perhaps you're struggling because you're doing what you think you SHOULD be doing, instead of answering your true call.

    One of my sites is one where we work on our goals, dreams, and resolutions together. I've got some questions up there that you might find useful in your reflections, even if you choose not to post anything on the site:

    They're up so people can use them if they like, without obligation.

    Every ornament we have has a story, so whenever we put up the decorations, we re-tell the stories and do an oral history of the good time.

    Enjoy, be well, feel good.

  6. A novel idea putting the first shoes on the tree. I have my kiddos shoes hidden in a trunk, there goin' on the tree. The grandkiddos will love it. Your pics are beautiful along with their stories.Enjoy your God~time.

    God bless and have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  7. these shoes are really nice ornaments for a christmas tree love them
    i hope u will have a great new year

  8. Oh what a sweet post!!!
    Love it! And the pics are beautiful!

  9. I love the baby shoes on your tree. My favorite ornaments are the ones my children made through the years and the ones we made together when we could not afford to buy any. They are beautiful in their simplicity.
    We used cookie cutters and traced out designs on shoe boxes then decorated them with glitter. The kids loved their home made decorations.


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