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It snowed in MO on Wednesday.

I tried to see the beauty in the fluffy snow outside my front door, but my teeth were chattering so that it interfered with my sight.

There is life in this winter wonderland trying to find a way to the deck at the back of my house. But where is Waldo (Kiki)?

I would like to see lovers sit in that swing together in my backyard. In fact, I dare ya's.

...a whispering bush, only found in Missouri, says, "Spring where art thou?" Yes we say "art" and "thou" in MO, bushes and all.

I have had enough winter so I too would like Spring, please.

Something like this?

I will wait for thee O my Spring with mittens on wrapped around a mug of hot cocoa.


  1. Beautiful pictures! They gave me a shiver, too. :) We've been very chilly down here in NC, but no snow yet.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. great pictures here we still feel the summer the sun is always shining((: i think we cannot experience the winter or any snow here
    happy weekends

  3. Beautiful, I am so sad/glad we missed the snow. We have not missed the cold, however, it is blowing from the North today.

    I, too, am ready for spring.

    Funny; I was thinking, it's too cold to swim and the WF is swumm!

  4. Indeed! Ready to see the ground, and soak up the sun and warmth. It's been crazy snow this year!

  5. Love the flower! It's -13 degrees here right now!

    By the way, I have something for you over at my blog. Come check it out, friend :-)

  6. I so agree - I want Spring. It's 24 degrees here in Georgia this morning and we have snow showers. Thankfully it's not sticking, but if it did I think I'd start crying. Can you tell, I'm not a snow person. Please send 60 degree weather soon.

  7. Elizabeth, It is 12 degrees here this morning. What??

    Tugce, It is suppose to snow here again tonight or tomorrow. I wonder if I could send it all to you? :)

    Gail, Don't look, I am going to do my spring dance and it could get ugly.

    Janna, Misery loves company??

    CM, I took that on a walk last summer. I had to climb in a ditch then I pointed to the sky. I will come on over as soon as I finish here.

    Mason, Let's start a club and force out winter. Will that work?

  8. Awesome pictures. I grew up in Michigan and miss a fresh wgite blanket of snow to wake up to.

    Stephen Tremp

  9. Thanks, Stephen, I wish I could miss it. :)

  10. Just getting caught up on your recent posts. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. No snow here, but we had some up at our land in the Ozarks. Burrrrr. Happy New Year, The Park Wife

  11. PW, It is so cold here! I always wish this time of year that I was somewhere else.

  12. Lovely shots Teresa. We don't get snow here in Melbouren, well not where I live anyway, so it's always great to see it nice and thick and fluffy in other parts of the world.

  13. These are beautiful images.. I enjoyed them.

  14. Lesley, Thanks. I am not sure whether to say sorry about that or Yay for you. :)

    Juan, Welcome and Thanks much.

  15. Hi Journalising Woman - first thanks for connecting over on my blog - appreciate the comment re books, books and more books!

    You can come over here - it's freezing in the south and positively arctic in the north .. while the Scilly Isles (yes I know!) are meant to be 7 deg C today .. it's horrid here and black clouds out on the English Channel threatening.

    Soft soft snow is wonderful if you can just look at it .. til you have to clear it, or drive on it once it's frozen ..

    Enjoy the year ..
    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters Inspirational Stories

  16. Hi, Hilary, Now that you say it that way...I must agree. It is snowing here again today. Very cold as in 7 degrees above freezing. The snow is still fluffy. Brrr If I didn't have my precious family here, I am so positive I would move to a warmer climate. Hey thanks for coming by.

  17. Beautiful pics. We've had Christmas, so who needs the snow now?

    Perhaps God wants us to appreciate spring more?


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