Sew What!

I need to catch you up on my crafty side. I live to write, but I like to do other things as well.

I forgot to show you these pillows that I made for two of my friends for Christmas. I love birds. I love birds on pillows. One friend of mine likes the primitive decorating style. So this is my rendition of primitive...I made her this pillow.

I was trying to figure out what to get the other friend and I decided to make her this pillow.

I don't know if you can tell, but I embroidered x's for the eyes and little bird feet.

Both fabrics are 100% percent cotton. After I drew, cut out and ironed on the birds I sewed around the edge with a single stitch. I didn't want it to show much. It was fun.

I have one more I am making like this that I hope to use as a give away later.

I have started sewing some again and am reminded how much I like to sew.

This is a project I did right before Christmas. It's not perfect so...don't look too close. I needed a slipcover for this chair.

Chair History: You know me and chairs. Well in 1973 my friend/cousin and I stopped at a yard sale. I saw this wing back chair for $2.50. I had to shove it into the back seat of my 1965 Mustang. At the time, it had a yellowish tapestry fabric. I used it in my bedroom. Then when I got married I took it with me. Eventually, the bottom fell out.

Fast forward to 1988. I got it reupholstered in a rust color fabric. The color was very IN. The fabric, my friends, will NEVER EVER wear out. That's what they told me and it's true. But the color well....

Right before Christmas this year, I made this slipcover. I needed something to go with my off white slipcovers over my couch and chair.

Here are the side details.

This how I fitted the fabric or made the pattern.

Sew there you have it (Sorry I just had to use the word)... my crafty side.

I know this about you. You enjoying blogging. Do you have other hobbies or interests that bring you joy?


  1. Hi JW .. love the robins - I too have thought of sewing - but having two elderly (now one) to spend time with .. the dress has yet to be made.

    When I get free and can be my own person, then I'll go to art galleries, good films - now I belong the Film Society here and they are brilliant at choosing avant garde films and recommending good ones that don't attract the media's attention - we're lucky here in Eastbourne.

    Then there's travel ..

    So definitely some sewing in due time .. enjoy it - the robins look lovely and yes I can see the cross stitch ..

    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters Inspirational stories

  2. Hey JW, love your creations! Good for you letting the juices flow!
    I'm trying to catch up on everyone!
    I used to get CL too but since I now live 70 miles from the gulf it doesn't intrest me as much. xoxo

  3. I wish I had the talent of sewing! That slip cover for your chair is so cute! I also dig the pillows. I love quaint, simple, and elegant...which these definitely are.
    My friend and I are wanting to learn how to knit and can't find a soul that knows how, and frankly I learn my doing so buying a, "How to Knit for Dummies", wouldn't work for me (Ha). The library up here in Lebanon though is supposed to offer free classes for several weeks in March so I'm holding out to do that. FREE! What could be better? I suggest anyone check with their local library to see what services are offered. I live there to begin with because I love reading...but they have so much more to do!

    Angela Case

  4. Wish I could sew! I don't seem to have the patience or know-how. :( Love the pretty chair cover and those pretty pillows!

    Mystery Writing is Murder
    Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen

  5. LOVE those pillows!

    I'd almost bet writers, who are so inherently creative, do something else... crafting, photography, music, something. Mine's crafting, like you. My sewing projects don't get too detailed, but I love home decor and design.

  6. You are so creative! I used to sew all the time and quilt and know I don;t anymore but I really appreciate seeing what others have done. Love the pillows! I am so impressed with your covering of the chair-I have never attempted something like that. You are good! And yes, I like the colors blue better.

  7. Beautiful slipcover, how nice that you're able to change the look of things with your sewing. I like gardening, and have a small tomato patch every year, with a little lettuce and eggplant thrown in too, all of it surrounded by happy marigolds :)

  8. Love the birds! The pillows are adorable. You are so talented!

    Other hobbies? Hum, how about sleeping? Just kidding. I love running, but right now, it's too cold out, so I have to settle for using the treadmill. I also love scrapbooking but I'm way behind!

  9. Oh crafty one, I love the slip cover! How did you keep the lines straight? Can I send all my sewing to you?????

  10. I love the robins! How adorable! I would love to have them! Those are so cute, and so crafty!

    I myself love to blog (which you stated)... read... and sew as well!

    Love your blog can't wait to read more!

  11. Love the slipcover!

    Sewing makes me crazy. But I do enjoy making window treatments using unique items that require little or no sewing. For example, when we lived at the coast I used beach towels for panels on the short windows in the guest room.

    But cooking and experimenting in the kitchen . . . I do love that.

  12. First of all, I love reading what you all like to do besides blogging. It helps me know you better.

    Hilary, It's so important we do things that satisfy our creative side.

    Carol, I've missed you! I love all bodies of water, even the mud puddle at the end of my driveway :)

    Angie, Yes, take advantage of those Library classes. How cool. I am pretty much self taught on everything. A jack of all know...Master of none.

    Elizabeth, It doesn't matter if you can sew, because my dear YOU CAN WRITE!

    Janna, I think so too. Writers are artsty people... mostly... it seems to me.

    Terri, Me too. There was a time I made almost everything I wore...including coats. My ego loved when people commented on my clothes.

    Joanne, I've always said that paint and fabric have always been my friends in inexpensive decorating. I am not a good gardener yet, but am still trying.

    CM, If sleeping can be a hobby then I am signing up.

    PW, I actually thought the stripes helped me keep the grain straight. I just pinned the fabric to the chair, cut, pinned the pieces together. Then took them one by one to the machine and sewed the seam then started again until I had it finished.

    Hi, Jen, Thanks and do come back.

  13. Carol, Sewing makes a lot of people crazy. I totally understand that makes me cry.

  14. That chair is absolutely gorgeous! Sorry. I have a thing for furniture.

    I've always admired people who could sew. It's definitely not a talent I have.

    My other interest is music. My husband plays guitar, and I sing. Together, he and I write a lot of music. It's a great way for a couple to spend their time.

  15. Kat, Oh you are speaking to the music in me. I too play the guitar and have written songs. If only I could do all the things I love on a daily basis.... (Big sigh)

  16. You are so talented. I can't sew except to put a button back on. I do enjoy crocheting and knitting, but there again all I can do is a straight line. Love the chair and the cover.

  17. MC, I don't know that I am talented, but I've sure had times when I couldn't afford to buy things and had to make them. I think we've all been there.

  18. Music. I play piano and sing.
    I also like biking around the lake, and photography.

    Your projects are sew great!

  19. Great job you did! I wish I could sew.
    I love your crafty side, and that chair with the blue and white fabric(my fave) oh, is fantastic!
    Lovely cushions, too.
    I think I 'll come visit you !
    Have a great weekend!

    p.s.Thnaks so much for your comments.

  20. Mary, Music is for the soul that is for sure. PS I want to play piano. :(

    Betty, You like blue and white? hmmm I knew I liked you!

  21. Those bird pillows are adorable, I love anything made of gingham. Great job on the chair cover, too. I collect chairs, too, and due to my frugal nature, they always need to be refinished, recovered, redone or probably just

    I love to crochet and knit, right now I'm working on a little pink baby sweater.

    Angela- check out youtube for knitting help.

  22. Those pillows are so cute! I don't know how to reupholster fabric on chairs, but I do know how to refinish them and pick up a project every year. This year I stained and varnished a headboard for my Son and 4 chairs for our kitchen. I love working with wood. Um, other hobbies? I write poetry, book reviews and um, I read A LOT. *G*
    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  23. J.W. (Alias:Teresa): Thought that would be a cute start (ha)! I wish I was self-taught on sewing. I don't so I will take advantage of the free classes at the library this March.
    Mattenylou: Thank you for the tip of checking youtube for knitting! I never thought of that. Appreciate it!

    J.W.: I have a knack at being a "personal shopper". My family and friends have had me buy their B-Day, Anniversary, Baby shower, etc...for their loved ones. They just give me some information about them and I buy it and put it together beautifully in decorative wicker baskets I fix up. I just love doing it and have done it for tons of people. and spend someone elses money. Can't beat that! Plus I'm very frugal and good at finding deals!
    Angela Case

  24. I used to be crafty. Writing takes up all my time anymore. I used to garden too.

    Terrific pillows, and the slipcover totally changed that chair. I love this kind of stuff.

  25. awhhh great work(of course blue and white((: and also i love the pillows a lot they are so lovely

  26. Your pillows are so cute and so is your chair cover. I love being creative and resourceful. It is so rewarding. I like woodworking, sewing, painting, drawing, crocheting, knitting, calligraphy...


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