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First Things First...

Dear Betty,

Thank you so much for my Super Scribbler Award. I will reserve my right to pass it on -on my Awards Night coming up. I know I keep saying that I will have an awards night, but I really mean it.

I want you to know that I enjoy your blog, Cut and Dry  very much and encourage others to venture over to read it and say hello.  I can't really remember what my life was before blogging, but if I hadn't started well... I wouldn't have met all the wonderful bloggers in my life-you included. Thanks again for the award. Talk to you soon-Teresa

Since the last time I rambled on a Monday...

1. My eldest grandson stayed the night and we had a great time. I'm not sure why or how children and grands can make a person turn to mush but -I am mush.

2. Gravel that had been sprinkled on the roads for the snow and ice met my windshield. I now have several chips and a cracked (about 8 inches) windshield. 

3. My brake light went out. Someone who followed me to work (not a stalker just another employee) told me that my brake light was out. Did I know this? How could I know this? Every time I stepped on the brake and then ran to the back of the car, both brake lights were out. Whaaat?

4. Spent the weekend with the Dr. Daughter. We went shopping in Branson, Saturday and church on Sunday. As we were nearing Branson around 2 pm, I got a dreaded feeling in my stomach (also hungry feeling since I had forgotten to eat lunch before I left home) that shopping in Branson on Easter weekend might be like Black Friday shopping... but it wasn't.

(I love lists.)

5. I spent 13 bucks on a very cute jacket pattern like I'm going to sew again?  Thirteen bucks I could have put toward my windshield or brake light expense or a better cause for humanity. I don't know why this bothers me -except I've sewn many garments through the years and have never spent that on a pattern. Big ole SIGH.

(I know this looks like Tuesday's Ten, but it's not. It's just true rambling...that happens to look like a list.)

6. I have played  more with my Windows 7 and think I really like it...except it's smarter than me and does things behind the scenes thinking that it knows best and maybe it does. I'm struggling to let go and let it drive, but I'm such a control freak. I've learned that OS's don't care about people's feelings or obsessive/compulsive behaviors.

7. I cleaned out two very messy closets and found 5 boxes of keepsakes. Whaaat? I thought I just had a keepsake drawer, but oh no, no- no. I have one box for my daughter, one for my son, and three for me. I broke the news to my daughter. Not yet to my son. I plan on delivering it to his door in the dark of night.

8. Finally, after realizing that the door I hung all by myself with great weeping and gnashing of teeth (between the family room and utility) is still hanging like a door...well... I painted it. So help me if it falls off the hinges now.... It needs one more coat of paint and I will be satisfied.

9. I am writing a post a week for The Ruralhood blog...that's been so much fun.  I am hoping it will still be there for future generations. I am going to make a blog book-just in case.

10. I've been visiting you time permits and loving your posts.

11. Picked up my guitar again. I don't know why I lay it down. Playing music gives me peace and happiness. Just looking at the guitar makes my hair straighten in a hippie sort of way.

12. Last but not least - doing lots of writing- which makes me so hap hap happy.

Those are MY rambles.  Pick one if you dare and tell me your thoughts. 


  1. Wow, you've been busy!

    Yay for grandbabies...or grand kids...either way, sounds like you are the best Grandma ever!

    Ha! Too funny about Windows 7...only you could make a joke about a computer program and have it actually be funny!!! Hey, by the way, what's up with HP? I've now sent my laptop in again for a second time! Ugh! Ooops, rambling...moving on.

    Glad the door is still hanging!

    Hope you had a great Easter!

  2. Congratulations on all you're accomplishing!

    I've grown to like Windows 7, too. :) That post-it note feature (sticky notes) is something I use daily!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  3. Interesting that you play guitar. Are you self-taught? I often find that a second passion, music, photography, informs my writing, brings something unique to it. Does your guitar playing connect you to your writing in any way?

  4. CM, I will email you my thoughts on computers. I've always known this but of course it becomes more evident as I get older, but nothing is more fulfilling than family.

    Elizabeth, My memory. I wrote in my notes to mention the sticky notes that they are my favorite-of course.:) I guess I didn't read my notes. I have four up with my lists of writing projects.

    Joanne, Yes I taught myself at 16. I lived out in the country and couldn't take formal lessons. I would have liked to, though. I can't read music- sadly play by ear. Yes, I write songs.

  5. sounds like you had some wonderful pleasures. How lovely!

  6. Great things! And it is great you can play guitar. I will learn one day, i hope.

    Happy Easter...

  7. Very busy but perfect rambles! Sounds like you had the best weekend! Computers...don't get me started, I've actually had to lay hands on my and pray the evil spirits out!!! Heehehehe!

    Ya'll have a blessed day, sister. Isn't it beautiful???

  8. Oops! Congratulations on your well deserved award! WooHoo!!!

  9. & again ..
    Hi Joanne .. just been bombed out - it does irritate me!! But ne-er mind ..

    looks like you've been doing loads .. broken windscreen - irritating .. mine was 16 months ago in the freezing weather, days before Christmas, living in two houses, my uncle and mother in different hospitals .. & an attempted burglary at my uncle's house middle of the night/early morning .. not impressed & a cracked windscreen ..

    it's life .. we deal, we play on??!! Enjoy your grandchildren - and the door looks great .. this time I'm copying this - so I'm sure I won't lose it?!?

  10. I love your lists. I like the way you check your brake lights. ha ha ha. Congrats on your awards and on your writing.

  11. It may just be your ramblings but it is pretty interesting! I love the one about Windows 7. It really made me laugh :-). “Sticky notes” is also a favorite of mine. One of the things I love about Windows 7, aside from making me look stupid!
    By the way, good job about the door. ;)

  12. I'm staring at the guitar. So great that you play and have another creative outlet. One creative strain inspires another. Play on!

  13. My grandson also stayed overnight this weekend and I’m still feeling like mush,…no make that exhausted mush.

  14. Devon,It was a very nice couple of weekends. I don't mind the projects -after they are finished.

    Yagmur, YOU can do it-start teaching yourself chords. Then later you can get lessons. Oh my-if I had the internet then-woot.

    Nezzy, Oh yeah, when they are good they are very very good but when they are bad...well there's a lot of throwing things going on.

    Hilary, I am sure you have noticed, it's not the things going wrong - one at a time- but those things collectively.

    GWJ, Welcome! Thanks on the door. It was quite the struggle. But I'm glad I "hung" in there.

    Mary, You are so right. One "creative strain" inspires another.

    Jane, I agree, it's more like exhausted mush- with many aches from using muscles I don't normally use.

  15. Not everyone can ramble with excellence, but you have it down! #3 makes me giggle.

  16. Love that mush comment. Hey, I"M mush over a granddog!!!

    WONDERFUL, wonderful post.


  17. What a fun post to read!

    I love the guitar picture as well.


  18. Wow. So busy. I love the closet cleanouts. And I totally get delivering stuff to my son by the dark of night. Oh, he lives with me. Never mind. Some day I will deliver all kinds of stuff to him at his own place (please?). Oh, my other blog - you might like:

    Have a wonderful week. Going to knit. . .

  19. #10 - 'as time permits' - I never have enough time. The faster I go, the slower I seem to get.

  20. Sewing and patterns. It used to be frugal to sew. Not any more. By the time you buy patterns, fabric and all the time to make it, it costs more than getting something on sale at Target. You've got to really LOVE to sew to do it. Like me with knitting. I have knit dish cloths, towels, sweaters I only wear with pajamas-- totally pointless things I could have picked up at a discount store. Instead I spend hours knitting. Because I love it and it relaxes me. Go figure.

  21. Journaling Woman, fun to find you among my newest followers. I look forward to following back. :)

    Have a beautiful day!

    Roxane @ Peace Garden Mama

  22. Sometimes the front door of my house is thought to be a revolving door. With 4 children (and 2 steps) there are times they need to come back and regroup, but why is it they always leave some of their possessions behind? Try as I might, I cannot get them to come back and collect their forsaken items. Perhaps a trip in the "dark of the night"?


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