A little hello....

It's me. I want to thank everyone for their well wishes and confidence in me on starting the new job. I appreciate you very much.

It's been a tough week. It's difficult to start a job in the middle of a school year and deal with a back log of issues, plus new every day issues, plus I'm still working with my replacement, plus I don't necessarily know what I'm doing. (Whew, I think that covers it.)

I haven't completed one thing in four days. I've started many.

And, the school world waits for no one. Trust me.

First day, I couldn't find my Kleenexes (meaning tissues) and nearly had a meltdown. They were right in front of me.

I know I'm feeling wrung out when I either read or listen to my Little House books and/or Monk episodes. They are my manky, my pacifier, and escape.

I'm wrung out, but...

I have a great office.

Sometimes you have to suffer until you...don't. (Why am I so brilliant with words? Ok don't answer that.)

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  1. Remembering back to my working days before the kids, I remember each new job I started. At each one, I had a panicky moment: "I've made a terrible mistake! I shouldn't have chosen to work here!" It takes a while to get adjusted, doesn't it? And these days, I don't think there's ever anyone to help show you the ropes anymore...they're all so busy. Best wishes for a smoother week next week! I hope it looks up, soon.

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth, I really believe it's where I'm supposed to be. Sometimes (ok all the time) I'm way too hard on myself.

  3. Transitions like that are always tough. You've jumped in with both feet and you'll be great.

  4. Hang in there sister, everything will soon fall into place...includin' you. It's also like that around the School World too!!!

    BTW; That's some awesome do in that picture girl!!!

    God bless your new job and you too!!! :o)

  5. Anything new causes anxiety. You'll be comfortable soon without realizing it happened.
    Best of everything in your new world.

  6. I find it hard to believe you don't know what you doing :) Kleenexes..I do the same thing with my glasses :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  7. Glad Laura Ingalls is there to comfort you. Rest. Know that you're doing the best that you can. Peace, Mary

  8. Your worst week is over with and it will be smooth sailing from here on. You know you can do the job and do it better than anyone ever has. Next week will be a breeze. :)

    Thoughts in Progress

  9. "Sometimes you have to suffer until you...don't." I happen to think this is GENIUS. It is exactly what you mean.

    Sorry it has been such chaos, but you will get it, and then it will all flow again.

  10. Hang in there...starting a new job is stressful and you will eventually find your rhythm of the job and routine at home etc...I always forget how much I hate beginning a new school year becuase those exact same things you mention and to do it now is very mind boggling.
    Hang in there and take one day at a time and remember to prioritize!
    Rome was not built in a day!

  11. I love that...sometimes you have to suffer until you don't!

    Very wise words and you are doing fine, you did find your tissues and no one had kicked you out...a successful week.

    Each week will get easier until you wondered why you ever worried.

  12. Well, I hope your new job and your life gets easier with time. I know I have those days and I continually have to look for balance.

  13. New jobs are such a life adjustment. My daughter started a high school teaching job this school year, and she's learning more on the job than she did in her master's program. Life's the best teacher, isn't it? Best wishes, you'll rock that job :)

  14. Just wanted to say good luck! I've been traveling a lot and starting a lot of new things in the past year, and let me tell you- it's been tough, an emotional rollercoaster at times. On the other hand, I feel like things settle down with time. Stay positive!

  15. My first month in my new position was insane. I couldn't get caught up for nothing. Now, two months later, I finally feel like I might actually be competent at what I'm doing.

    Hang in there. It will take time. When things get really crazy, take a breath, say a little prayer, and just keep going. Sooner or later, you'll get your feet under you :-)

  16. Anything new takes an adjustment. Your new job sounds like trying to change the tires on a plane while it's in flight. So take extra good care of yourself while you're tackling this herculean new task.

  17. I have every confidence in you. You are just an overachiever. lol

    And I so love Monk. He makes me feel normal and I love how he solves a mystery!

  18. Hi Teresa .. surely we're allowed to flounder around at the beginning of a new year - especially when we're a year older (or will be... or have been) ..

    and surely we can flummox the new world with the techie old world ..

    and surely we can look forward to fun, happy days wondering what on earth went on ..

    and surely we will have ridiculous tales to tell .. did you have to take out your magnifying glass to find your attishoooooo box?

    Happy 2011 - all will be well .. cheers Hilary


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