After the Movies

I think Alex’sMovie Blogfest went well. I could not believe that I saw movies on other posts that I should have had on my own lists. I confess I had two lists. I could have 10 lists of 10 favorite movies, so consider yourself lucky: Science Fiction, Romance/Drama, Thrillers, Classics (oh wait I did that one), Christmas favorites, movies whose main character is a writer, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery and Westerns.
I know, I always make things too difficult. I over think everything. People tell me these things, I assume, to help me. I say, if I’m not stressing, crying and complicating matters then that project is probably not worth doing. Right?
Monday was my 29th birthday again. I want you to know that it’s becoming increasingly harder to remain in my twenties, after all these years. I feel it’s mostly family resistance. My daughter went so far as to write how old I am on my birthday card. Then, I was forced to explain that number to my grandchildren. I think they are confused now, which is how I like to keep everyone. I ignored my son's innuendos regarding senior citizen stuff. Say what?
For my birthday, my mom always prepares a wonderful dinner of (usually) fried chicken, mash potatoes and gravy and this year she fixed peas, just for me. However, I saw “others” eating them as well. It’s funny how when you say “peas” out loud, people wrinkle their noses, make gagging noises or say eww and then eat them right out from under you. I mean, make up your mind, ok?
When small engine fixermen tell you that others in the community still have their lawnmowers from the 1980s and they work great, it nearly gives you hope. I had my last Craftsman mower for over twenty years. I told Mr. Small Engine Fixerman that there’s no way my new plastic Craftsman mower would last that long. When he said, “It’s in good shape.”  My cold heart warmed, a bit.
Another snowstorm is heading to MO. Snow. I'm done.
One more thing, a shout out to my sister-in-law who broke her arm on Sunday.  Falling must run in our family. Remember a couple of months ago when I sailed down my deck steps on the black ice? Remember, how I flipped up in the air, hit the stairs twice, flew up again and landed face down in the yard a crumpled messed dressed in my P-Jams and furry boots? Only half my hot rollers stayed in my hair, the other half flew into the frozen grass. Remember?
I haven’t heard, yet, if her fall was as glamorous as mine. I only have a dent in my shin bone; my poor sister has a broken arm.
What did you think of the movie blogfest? Do you confess your age? Do you believe in Small Engine Fixermen wisdom? Is snow really as pretty as everyone says?


  1. Hi Teresa .. Happy Birthday - your photo looks a young 29 ... so keep on going - hopefully your grandchildren can't do maths yet and won't work things out!! That they have an aged grandmother ...

    Your poor sister - your fall was much more fun though!!

    Well you won't need that mower for a while yet - hope the snow doesn't cause too much havoc - we have a fair amount in the north here ...

    Happy Birthday week .. Hilary

  2. Belated happy birthday!
    I like peas.
    The blogfest was beyond epic. I really can't believe how many participated.
    Really sorry about your sister. Maybe someone should bubble-wrap your family for safety?

  3. Happy belated birthday, may 29 you always stay. Blah to breaking a bone too, that isn't fun at any zoo. Pfft to snow as well.

  4. I hope that you had a wonderful birthday!

    I consider snow to be pretty when I see photos of it. I just don't want to be any where near it. I get cold when it drops below 60 degrees.

    I love peas - especially in salad. I also like fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Yum.

  5. Happy 29th! :) Hope you had a happy day.

    Oh, you've got to be so sick of snow by now! Move South. ;) We didn't even have any that stuck to the roads this year (although we saw a little on tall grass and bushes.)

    Hope your sister is okay! I fall a lot, too. Planning on living in a garden home once the kids leave the nest. :)

  6. Hey Happy (belated) Birthday and I don't have much of a problem admitting my age...I'm 30....

    What? I am!!

    O.k, at least I was about 15 years ago. :)

    I like peas, but agree with you on the snow. Hope you don't get too much!

  7. How is it that I keep getting older and you stay the same age? Now I'm way older than you. Well, I hope you have a healthy year with not so many snow storms.

  8. The movie blogfest seemed to go well for Alex. In retrospect, I didn't think it was all that exciting. Just a list of movies.

    I happily embrace my age. I'm 41. Someday I'll die and that'll be the end of that. I guess that's life.

    I hope you had a very happy birthday and that this year brings you the things that you desire.

  9. well, i guess i have told my age---anyway i am 58----and no matter what your recent bd was, you are fabulous!!! i think the movie posts sounds fun----poor sister---no i hate snow :)


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