Funny Story and Millie Meets Neighbor

Funny story or is it?

I keep some receipts, of some purchases, in case I need to return something. So when I saw Millie chewing on one, I wrestled her for it. I won, except, she ate the corner. Millie eats a lot of things. Some I know about, some I don’t.

As I looked over the receipt, it took me a few hundred couple of minutes to remember what I had purchased.
The receipt told me I purchased:
  • A donut. Only one, so don’t judge me.
  • Meat snks? What is THAT? Oh yeah, that’s the funny story.
  • A pie shell for nearly $2. Whoa! At that price, I should make my own pie crust. No.I.shouldn’t.
  • Coconut Frst What? Oh yeah, canned frosting. I make my own cake frosting except for that which contains coconut and pecans, then I buy it.
Now back to the meat snks. On that day, I saw beef jerky in the checkout line. Tempted, because I was starving, I thought I would buy one little beef jerky to snack on—until I could eat lunch for real. I DID NOT have my glasses on when I picked up a “meat snk”, but did notice it was Jalapeno and returned it to the box. Then I saw the box I needed below it. It read Original or so I thought. I picked up one.  

I checked out, opened the jerky in the car and pulled out on the street to drive home then bit into it. My first chew was the yummy, heart clogging beef jerky taste and then I noticed it was spicy. I took another bite and it got spicier—NO hot. For some stupid reason, and I cannot tell you why, I took another bite and my mouth lit on fire. Now I hold the package at arms link (because that's how I see when I'm not wearing my readers) and see it is Tabasco flavored. I take a quick drink of water and my mouth gets hotter.  
Funny story or is it? I did learn from it; always use your glasses to confirm purchase choices. I hope I learned.

Millie Meets a Neighbor
I see one lovely set of neighbors (nearly 38 years we're together) to the east of my house:
  1. When I go to the local stores. 
  2. When we mow and wave at each other.  
  3. At ballet recitals.
My western neighbors, I see more because the woman is my son’s mother-in-law, but that’s another story.  

While walking Millie in the yard this weekend, my eastern neighbor comes out of her screened in porch and yells my name. She was curious. Who is this new puppy? What is she? Did she belong to my daughter?
I said she is Millie, a Mal-Shi and she’s mine.

Eastern neighbor said that:
  1. Millie is her granddaughter’s (that they’ve raised her since 3rd grade) doggy’s name.
  2. Millie is the cutest puppy she’s ever seen. Looks like a Muppet. And...
  3. NOT to let Millie outside by herself because (now read this carefully my friends) an owl that lives in the trees nearby might make a meal out of her. (And you all thought I was making that up thing about owls and eagles. Admit it!)
She also asked about my son. (He has three therapies and two doctors appointments this week. Pray for him and especially my daughter-in-law).

I told her that:
  • I hear the owls at night in my trees and am very nervous about Millie becoming a meal.
  • I didn’t know Millie was their dog’s name.
  • And Millie thinks her dogs are monsters since she doesn't understand yet they're dogs.

This is Millie overstimulated by play. So I turned her over in her bed. She chose to stay under it and attack it and me as needed.

This is such a good photo of Mills and yet I can’t get rid of the green eyes. I’m bummed. I have a fix for red eyes, but not green or purple or...well you know. Any ideas on getting rid of the green eyes in her photos? Or how to perform an exorcism?
Have a great week!


  1. Living in the country I can relate to worrying about owls and eagles. We lost several barn cats one year and still can't figure out what got them. Love the photo of Millie, but sorry I have no suggestions for the green eyes. Sending hugs and prayers to your son and daughter-in-law. And I can relate oh too well to buying something without having my glasses on to make sure I'm getting what I thought I was getting. Have a great week.

  2. I don't eat jerky, but I would enjoy it if it was hot.
    I think Millie might be too big even for an owl. And I'm sure she'd fight back.

  3. Millie is a little cutie and watch out for those wild owls! :)

  4. haha glasses should be mandatory indeed so you don't burn your tongue lol Oh I know owls take cats and small dogs.

  5. Awww, Millie! I'm getting a kick out of the fact that they call beef jerky "meat snacks." Maybe Millie was just mad there were no dog treats on that receipt.

  6. Never drink water with spicy food! Bread or milk! Millie is the cutest little muppet moppet. Silly little thing!! I can't find anything to help the flash glare in my dogs' eyes either. Years ago I bought a special pen to get rid of 'pet eye glare' in hard copies of photos (before the digital age) but when I used it, it made my dogs look freaky with 'dead' looking eyes.

  7. As usual you perked up my day. How you can fit owls, exorcism and cute cuddly pup into the same post as Tabasco seasoned jerky is beyond me, but you did and beautifully.

  8. Love Lee's comment above - so true!
    I can't bring myself to try any beef jerky but that would have been a shock for sure!
    Keeping your son/family in my thoughts and sending best wishes!

  9. I hope your son continues to get better and better. What hardships you must all be going through. I love your Millie stories. I thought when you were going to tell the story about the meat snks that you had bought a dog snack and ate it before you realised it was for a dog. That happened to my father-in-law who was visiting one time. He found some sausage in our fridge and thought he would eat some, only later did he realise he enjoyed our dog's treat.

  10. Hi Teresa .. sounds like you were lucky it wasn't Clarissa's idea of a story ... but oh gosh buying stuff that's too hot is pretty terrible and it takes ages to wear off too ...

    Millie sounds quite a delight ... and I sincerely hope the owls and eagles don't get her ... keep her close ...

    I hope your son is getting the best help he can and helping you and his wife by taking his time ... slow but sure .. with many thoughts ...

    Cheers HIlary

  11. I love photographing my dog, Floyd - it helps to turn the flash off but then you'll need lots of natural light.

    Praying for your son.


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