If I were any crazier, I might be worried.

Imagine That
It's 5 a.m., time to get up because you have writing to do, before work, but first things first. You walk into your dark bathroom, barefoot, your foot skims across something furry? What.is.that? Walking into the bathroom in the dark is not cool, so you back up to the light switch and flip it on. What would you do when you find yourself face to face with a snake? You might scream, but imagine that you remain calm because you notice it’s the rare breed leopard snake, no more than three feet long, golden with brown spots.
You might be frightened until you notice that its tongue, is missing. Who would do that to a snake?
It's then you know exactly what you need to do. You return Millie's toy to her.
Okay, Imagine This
People are nuts all year long, but Christmas shopping brings out the special nuts, a nut mix, if you will.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving someone I know shopped at a Wal-mart in a city nearby. She was alone and had parked on the side of the building. When she exited with groceries, she pushed the cart to her car. Next, she did what everyone says to do, e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e.. She set her purse inside the car and also her cell phone. When she ducks back outside the car, she sees her cart is moving away from her. A young man, (and this is important) in baggy jeans, waistband hanging halfway down his butt, is running away with her cart and groceries. A struggle ensues. She grabs the cart. He pulls back. He trips again and again over--his baggy jeans. 
Nearby, an elderly gentleman rolls down the window of his car. "Leave her alone," he says. 
The baggy jeaned bandit finally gives up, lets go and runs away.
Later on FB, the woman states that she felt badly, wondering if the young bandit was hungry.
A few days later, after church, I shop at the same store. Being the Paranoid Polly that I am, I watch every person that comes around me. Whatever happened to respecting personal space? I want that question answered today please.
So imagine this, one young man seems to be following me. He's wearing...wait for it...baggy jeans. His head is shaven, and he's "pretending" to look at his cell phone, but at the same time had no problem following me down two aisles. Once I reach the main aisle, I am angry at him. Sadly for me, it's usually at that time that anger wins over fear (unless I'm being chased by zombies). I stop in the middle of the aisle and wait until he crashes into me! Yes, I did! 
“Oh, I’m sorry,” he says, apparently surprised at our collision.
“That’s okay,” I lie. I guess he really was reading his phone.
He walks around me and hurries down the main aisle, but I followed him. (Yes, this is crazy, too.) A minute later, I see what he's up to. He has joined a young woman who is pushing a baby, in her cart.

A little girl runs up to him. “Daddy, hold me.”
I guess I showed him me. I blame Millie for my ridiculous behavior. She also bites before asking questions.

I'm a little behind on my post because I've struggled with Blogger for three days.


  1. Hi Teresa .. sorry about the blogger problem .. I thought your friend's purse and cellphone were going to have gone - thankfully not I see. Lots of very poor people out there, while many who are taking advantage of the season for a spot of theft ...

    Mobile phones ... may have their uses .. but can frighten the life out of you apparently - poor chap - still I see your reasoning .. and Millie and her snake - yugh!! Happy times ahead .. cheers Hilary

  2. Oh wow I never heard of someone stealing a cart in the parking lot while someone was about to unload it!!! Wow. I wear my purse across my body and my phone's always in my pocket so when I unload my cart, no one can take my stuff. I do see a lot of people in stores who leave their purse in the cart while they are distracted looking at stuff. Wide open, wallet visible. Not too smart.

  3. Wonder have far baggy pants guy thought he would get, not a bright grocery robber lol

    Millie has you super paranoid. But better to be too paranoid than not paranoid enough.

  4. Wow...that's scary! I always feel like I do the wrong thing in the parking lot. I try to be alert, but I get distracted when I'm alert by all the characters I see. I didn't think about anyone stealing my cart!

    And...stepping on something fuzzy in the dark would not be fun...

  5. You had me confused at first with the fuzzy snake.
    Crazy someone would be desperate enough to try to steal a cart of groceries.
    And I don't blame you for being paranoid. After hearing your friend's story, I wouldn't let my wife shop alone.

  6. I can't say that I don't blame you. Funny, though.

  7. I would be paranoid too! There are some really crazies out this year!

  8. Snake and being calm infront of that...?

  9. Blogger is driving everyone crazy right now! The prove you're not a robot thingy is showing up on my (and other) blog and it's driving me nuts! :)


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