Sitting on the Floor

Sometimes you gotta get down on the floor or the ground to get photos. It's a different world down under...there.

Remember this one from last summer? In the ditch I was, Mate.

From my bedroom to the room across the hallway. One of my daughter's dollhouses. I "think" she is giving it to her niece. She will be so thrilled.

From the floor outside the main bath. I love blue and white. I have been noted to say, "If I had tattoos they would be in blue and white". Do you like the tile? I did it myself. Please pat me on the back. NOT so hard.

On the floor and down the hallway to another bedroom. What? You see blue and white? Are you sure?

I call this photo Quilt in a Basket. If you need me to come up with titles for your photos, I am your girl for hire. I'm so creative...huh? Oh and I was on the floor just looking down.

Back to the purple bedroom. I think the color will change soon. NO not to blue. What do you take me for?

I don't know why I love this old old chair or why I bought it or why I bought the tapestry pillow. But I love them both. Look at its lines. However, I am not in love with my old lamps any longer.

Boxers on the floor with JW.

Thanks for coming by. Wave at me on the porch. After the Doc sees this photo, I will be signed up for therapy for sure.

What's your favorite photo that YOU have taken, so far? Mine for me is , I think, the wild sunflower at the top.


  1. I *do* really like your sunflower. But I have to vote for Scarlett on the porch. I'm a Southerner, so I think that would be required of me. :)

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    Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen

  2. The color of the purple room draws me in, the boxers and the trunk, I believe, are my favorite.

    Your home is beautiful. The colors are inviting, I love your chair but I agree on the lamp. Maybe you can find another home for it within your home.

    The sunflower is a beautiful shot.

  3. I'm inspired! wonder where I put my camera, wonder if it has any batteries, wonder where the memory card went...

    I am quite impressed with your tiling also... wonder what it would take to get me organized enough to attempt that?!

  4. They are so beautiful, it's hard to pick just one. I love the variety of the subjects. The tile is most impressive. You won't catch me trying that, unless you don't want back in the bathroom for say a good 10 years. I have to ask, did you make the quilts? They are so pretty.

  5. I'm drawn to blue, too; I'm so predictable. If my best friend and I are out shopping, she knows before I do what I'll pick up to look at more closely.

    That said, I LOVE the blue chair!

  6. Love the sunflower photograph. I find that everyday subjects taken from a different perspective are so effective, reallyl drawing the eye.

  7. Lovely photos, all.

    What a gorgeous doll house!

  8. Love sunflowers and yours is great. And when I was a little girl, my doll house was my favorite toy. As often as I rearranged everything - and still do in my grown-up house - I should've considered interior design as a career.

  9. i love sunflowers a lot they make me feel good these photos are so nice and ilove the dollhouse a lot((:
    lots of love

  10. What lovely house you have.So warm atmosphere!! So sweet post. The captions are great!
    hugs hugs

  11. You have the cutest cleanest comfortable looking house! I know I've said this before, but can I come over and hang out???

  12. Elizabeth, I knew you would like the Scarlet like figurine.

    Gail, I wish I had a real boxer again. :(

    Sally, Oh if I can do it you can do it.

    Mason, I did not make the quilts. Most of my quilts came from my paternal grandmother. I have only made three or four baby quilts and 1 full size quilt -just blocks.

    Devon, Thanks- it's huge. She has two. She plans to keep one.

    Janna, Ahhh blue. It makes me feel blue. My daughter might have said that I ruined blue for her (childhood). The chair is actually green and I will make a slipcover one day.

    Joanne, Well it funny. I was on the floor and cleaning my book shelves and looked across the hallway and the dollhouse looked so pretty. Then realized there's another world to photograph.

    Carol, ME TOO. Not that I'm good at it, but I love decorating.

    Tugce, Flowers always make us feel better, don't you think?

    Betty, Thanks I appreciate it. It's a lot of blue and white all over. Lots of flowing white curtains.

    Terri, You know it girl. PS It doesn't seem clean to me.

  13. Your sunflower is beautiful Miss Scarlett. You are so cute waving us on off your veranda. I think my favorite would be the spider web pic I took. It was a one shot deal, my camera went dead after the first shot.

    Have a good day filled with many blessings dear one!!!

  14. I am a blue and white gal through and through. Does it show?

  15. I love the figurine on the porch. I don't know why, but it makes me think of YOU! I know it doesn't look like you at all, but I think it's the wonderful elegance of her. She looks like she is enjoying just hanging out on her front porch.

  16. Hey Nezzy, did i ever see that photo? I took a spider picture last summer. It didn't kill the spider but just about killed me. (Phobia)

    Linda, GO sister!!! See I knew there was a sisterhood out there.

    CM, You are so sweet and I will pay you later for the compliments...under the table. PS I always wanted dark hair like the my mama like my daughter... like my...friends. :)

  17. I LOVE that purple on the bedroom wall! Lovely! Hmm, I like all the photo's.

  18. Thank you Brandy. I think it needs a change though.

  19. Teresa, I can't decide which photo I like the best. It would be easier to decide which one I don't. lol

    Great photos. Thanks for the tour, and I love your tile.

  20. My toes. I just blogged about them.
    Your photos are wonderful.


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