Changing Careers

I’m looking into changing careers again. No new education required. The new career? I want to be a Couch Potato.

I believe I have all the needed qualifications for being a couch potato and without much effort.
I have eyes.
I’m round.
I roll unevenly.
In this weather, I feel baked.
I've never been called Spud, but that's easy to fix.
I like sitting.
And most importantly, I have a couch.
Now, tell me, am I qualified or not?


I'll join you on that couch. I am very qualified for this position.
Unknown said…
You are totally qualified! I think I might apply too.
J.L. Campbell said…
Sounds like you make the grade. The benefits are good, so I'm thinking about a career change.
Are you good sliced and deep fried? That's the real question!
Hi Teresa .. good one and I'll definitely join in the couch comfy lie in ..

Cheers - Hilary
CM said…
And don't we all love a little butter and salt in our lives! ;-)
Hello, everyone. This confirms my thoughts, I'm blog friends with a bunch of commedians and that makes me very happy!!!
Naqvee said…
I will be a couch potato for your couch and can u become golden finger fries for me? potato is my staple diet.. Im a lazy blogger.. wat do u think i do whole day.. read books and eat fries.. LOL
Gail said…
Sounds like a plan as long as the AC works.
Jules said…
If this is a government job you are over qualified. But send me an application. :)
Sorry, still swamped with work.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Nancy said…
How about a computer chair potato? If it pays over $1.00 an hour, I'm in! :)
Mason Canyon said…
Any extra room on that couch? Add a book and it sounds like the perfect job.

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Hello from the comfortable couch. I will get applications for those who want one. I'm a sharing person, just so you know.

Yes, Mason, books are a must. :) And laptops. And sweet tea.
Mary Aalgaard said…
We could be couch-mates.
Anonymous said…
Sure ... just need a laptop and a bottle of wine and you're set for the long haul.
Anonymous said…
I'm too small to totally qualify, but I do feel baked in this weather and could hibernate the rest of the summer on the couch! Hilarious post. I love it. (I just read your comment on Tiki Hut and came over to meet you. I think I've been here before, but I must have lost you when when I got a glitch in Blogger and had to start all over with my followers. Anyway, happily I'm here now. I too grew up in the Fifties; was a teenager then, so I feel a connection to you.)
Ann Best, Author of In the Memoir, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets
Deb Shucka said…
Qualified and very very funny!

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