Life Edits

Are you the editor of your life?
As I write and then rewrite, I use my editing skills. During the process, I often learn what not to repeat and what works well. I’d like to say I learn the first time from my mistakes, but not necessarily. And guess what? If I don’t apply the edits, I may get the same bad results the next time.
We are the first editors over anything we do—or we should be. We should edit:
·         What we say.
·         What we do.
·         What we spend.
·         What we eat.
·         What we keep.
·         How we live.

Do you learn from your edits the first time (for whatever it may be) or does it take a try or two?
Be inspired to be your own life editor.  Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh I like this. It's all about putting thought into everything we do. It matters, it makes a difference. And wouldn't we want to give our daily lives that type of thoughtful meaning?

  2. Some things I've caught on to quickly, others take a few tries. Must be human nature to get doing the same dumb mistake over and over.

  3. Sometimes the learning curve is rather flat. But, there's always room for improvement.

  4. I kinda have the motto if it didn't work the first time...try somethin' different.

    I have to admit, it wasn't always like that though. I think it's just a bonus of age. Heck, we need some positive trade offs!!! :o)

    With writing...I tend to edit something to death. I have trouble pushin' the publish button so to speak. It's that Type~A thang.

    Have a glorious day sweetie!!! :o)

  5. I wish I learned everything the first time around. Sadly, no. Sometimes I need to be beaten over the head with something before it finally sinks in.

  6. This is a great post, reminding us to be in the moment and think about what we're doing when we're doing it! I think I get better, but sure I make the same mistakes sometimes. But I don't think that matters so much, in writing anyway, as long as we catch the mistake in our revisions and realize it is an error. It would be no good if you keep making the same mistake and failing to fix it!

  7. What a unique way to say how we need to try not to keep making the same mistakes! I've been having trouble with this all my very long life. But I think I'm FINALLY making progress! Sure takes a lot of time!! Excellent post. Thank you.
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror & Other Memoirs

  8. "Life editor" - this is a wonderful term. I don't mind making mistakes. I really love learning from them. It's one of the best parts of getting older. Happy Wednesday to you as well.

  9. So true. Well said, I never thought of it that way. My biggest thing I need to edit is what I say and spend. I can never keep my big mouth shut! ;-)

  10. I've learned about editing the hard way. Wish I could say that I've gotten it all down pat, but that wouldn't be entirely truthful! Great post!

  11. Hi Teresa .. definitely think before we say!

    Think and sleep on our ideas, then our writings ...

    Love the phrase 'Life Editor' .. how I'd love to remember that ..

    Great post - cheers for now .. Hilary

  12. Great thoughts here. Wonderful analogy.

  13. hi teresa,

    just stopping by to wish you a blessed Sunday!

    betty xo

  14. We don't want you to die! Very clever post.


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