Time Out

You may remember this about me that rambling conversation is my life; I think I do it in my sleep. But, it can be boring for others. And, I feel like I’ve had nothing of worth to say lately, on my blog, except for my FIP’s who are awesome people.
I never want my blogging to waste your time or mine and it is. So, I’ve decided to stop posting on JW for awhile and hopefully return to regular posting in January.
There are other reasons too that I need to take an extended break. The Internet in general is a time waster for me. I’m  amazed how many words I can produce when I’m not surfing the net.
Don’t’ cry for me Argentina because I’ll be:
·         Working on my short stories.
·         Writing over at The Ruralhood. I need to get more of my memories and thoughts out of my brain and on TR, you know, before I part this world. That’s important to me. So that’s where I’ll be. You’re invited to visit if you want. Don’t feel obligated. 
·         I’m also trying to figure out what to do with the A-Z tales I wrote, Grim Tales of the Ruralhood. I’ve already rewritten a few times, but still want to rewrite some more.
Much thanks to those of you who regularly read Journaling Woman. I will visit you regularly, but for now, JW is in a time out and 
on hiatus….


  1. Teresa, Good luck doing what you need to do. I enjoyed reading your stories during the A to Z challenge back in the spring.

  2. Simplifying our internet activities does wonders for productivity and peace of mind. I am following you over at The Ruralhood! Best of luck with your newest endeavors.

  3. I'll miss you post. Even though I haven't been commenting lately, I always enjoying stopping by to see what you're up to. I'll be sure to check in on The Ruralhood. Looking forward to your return here.

    Thoughts in Progress

  4. Bummer! Understand the need but will miss you. Especially your Sunday posts.

  5. I hear what you're saying. This is why I went for guest posts the past several months, but blogging still has been taking up most of my time.
    I may have to eventually step back like you're doing, but darn it I have a hard time doing it.

    Whatever you do, keep us informed!

    Wrote By Rote

  6. I like your spin on your everyday life! But I completely understand the need for a break. Hope you'll put together your A-Z in book form!

  7. Embrace your break. :)

  8. I just got back and you are breaking--totally understand! Though you were never ever boring!

  9. I hear you. I'm taking my break in Oct. Regrouping, relaxing, rethinking what I need to do with my time.

    Enjoy and write.

  10. I'm just coming out of an 'ideas a little dry' phase, so I hear you. I'll miss your blog here, but will get to the Ruralhood now and then!

  11. Hi Teresa - good for you to make the decision so that you can fully evaluate blogging life - delighted you'll be at the Ruralhood ..

    Also I sincerely hope you can get those Grim Tales published ..

    With thoughts and hopefully we'll meet again over that lawn mower .. or around the blogosphere - have a happy Autumn and cheers Hilary

  12. Taking time out of one thing frees you up for other things. I know you'll be writing and creating and visiting. I enjoy Ruralhood, too!

  13. I didn't blog in September, so I'm just seeing this. I TOTALLY get it. See you in January!

  14. dearest teresa,

    totally understand the need but i'll miss you, i'll miss your posts, your great sense of humour.

    enjoy, write, and we will be here waiting for you when you get back.

    sending lots of love and big hugs your way!


  15. Not true, you have much to say.


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