I'm back!

This is Santa. This is Santa after an overdose of Christmas busyness. And, this is how I feel after a wonderful Christmas holiday. 
There were lots of pre-Christmas lunches with friends, Christmas Eve at my parents’ house and Christmas dinner at my house with all my family, except, for my brother and his family. Sounds simple, but there was lots of shopping, cleaning, church services, cooking, wrapping, decorating and CLEANING. Yes, it needs repeating — lots of cleaning. The thing that irritated me most was that I had to return to the grocery store at least four times after I shopped for my Christmas dinner to pick up this and that.
I had a very Merry Christmas.
Now it’s 2013. I can’t believe it’s 2013.
I love the number—13.
I would like to propose using the number 13 more especially to help us increase time. What I mean is this. How about adding one more month to the year as in 13 months and using 13 hours on the clock? Wouldn’t that be cool? Here’s a sample.
You say, “What time is it, JW?”
I look at my cell phone (because I don’t own a watch) and say, “It’s 13 o’clock.”
That has a nice ring to it, right? No? Well I’ll try anything to get more time in my day.
What I’ve been up to on my hiatus.
·         Getting my car repaired after being sideswiped. What a pain.
·         The Grimm eBook.   Rewriting. Formatting.  
·         Then, I got inspired to answer the call of the characters from the Halloween story I wrote, The Hayride.  Mona kept saying, “Write about me. Write about me.” I’ve written 10,000 words on that story.  I love Mona. Goth boy is so introverted that I’m not completely sure on who he is. He's not talking much.
·         I’ve been writing stories for TheRuralhood. Some are up on the site and some are not.
·         I’ve missed blogging AND YOU.  
And, that’s been my so called life. J
How are you? Any news?


  1. Theresa, welcome back. Glad you're okay after being side swiped! And good luck with the writing.

    Have a great 2013!

  2. And we have missed you!!! Glad you are back. Ready to read your book, even though I've already read most of the stories.
    I could use an extra hour.

  3. Missed you too. I kept checking my sidebar to see if you had done anything new. Welcome back and welcome to 2013!

    A Faraway View

  4. I'm so for that 13th month this year. Great idea! Good luck with your ebook - and welcome back :)

  5. Sounds like a busy holiday but fun (except the cleaning part) and I hope you enjoy your 13 year.

  6. Hi Teresa .. great to have you back and here's to a happy 2013 ...

    13 is my lucky number see 10 days time ... so I'll join you in that thought ... lots of 13s ...

    So pleased you had a happy time with family and friends .. then shopping - there's always something else.

    I'm looking forward to your Grimm eBook .. and to the new stories you write ... I'll get over to the Ruralhood soon ..

    Big hugs - missed you too - cheers Hilary

  7. Glad you didn't disappear altogether.

    Have a wonderful evening.

  8. While on my hiatus from blogging, I took care of my grandson. Got Secondhand Shoes finished. Its out in paperback only for now. It'll be an ebook by the end of this month.

    Happy New Year!

    Hugs and chocolate,

  9. 13 has always been our happy number, good things happen to us on Friday the 13th, we were married on Friday 13th. I would love to have a 13th month, and extra day in the week, preferably Saturday, and an extra hour between the time when I get into bed and know I need to turn off the light, another hour for reading.

  10. So glad you're back! I missed you! The holidays begin at our house with Halloween and go until New Year's Day. Lotsa, lotsa birthdays tossed in the mix, too. I'm pooped and trying really hard to get caught up and keep current with everthing before next Monday.

    Welcome back!

  11. Whew! You've been a busy girl! I think you're onto something with the 13. We could all use more time. Hope you had a nice holiday and Happy New Year!

  12. Welcome back, you have been missed. I love your idea of 13 months and the extra hour. Time is going by way too fast lately. Happy New Year.

    Thoughts in Progress

  13. What have I been doing? Renewing an interest in sewing, and giving the children/grands lessons; had 4 more granddaughters in less than a year and 2 more great grandchildren; one boy one girl. I did some ghost writing, blogging, editing and working; and am still trying to make ends meet not just wave at one another!!


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