If Monday would...

Last Monday was a holiday. That was great. But when you don't have a Monday in your work week, then you have a double Monday on Tuesday. Are you following? All of Monday's troubles gang up on Tuesday and frankly she has no choice but to shove onward to Wednesday. Well, by the time Friday strolls into the picture the poor woman is exhausted just looking at the trail behind her wondering what to do. The favored day Friday is no longer a delightful day of work-lightly, but a fast train where everyone is pushing and shoving to get on.

Have you ever noticed that life does not stand still? Hang on tight or you might miss something. Hang on tight or you might be trampled.

I learned if all goes well, I will have another grandchild later this year. I am so hap hap happppppy! Have I ever told you that although being the mom of my two children is the highlight of my life being a grandmother is what I was born to do? So my son and my D-I-L will be adding to our family.

My daughter last week taught her first college course and she loved it.

(photo) JW Circa 1982 - Am I an antique? Can I claim that ladies and gents...antiquity?
Yes being the mom of my two children...well it is a privilege...

...and a million blessings.

My dad is revving up to self publish another book. It is filled with delightful tales of boyhood. More about that later.

I wrote two shorts last week and primped (not pimped) another to send out. I haven't done that in a long time...send out my beloved shorts...and prepare my mind for rejections. (Is that too negative?)

I need not to take it personally.

I just need to write and submit, write and submit.
I watched two DVDs last week. That is a record for me. I hope I won't be embarrassed to tell you I watched: I Robot and Star Trek (2009). Do you see the trend? I am rarely pleased with movies...almost always disappointed. But I loved both of these movies. If you like sci fi, I recommend both.
The Doc and I finally got to hit some thrift stores and the cutest antique shop in downtown Springfield. It was a rainy day. I started out with well...normal hair. And ended with frizzy...poofy... Medusa inspired hair. You know how I hate that.

I started having heart palpitations when we ran through that fast food place (at the end of the day) that we used on Black Friday. Remember when the back brake light (in her car) caught fire and I tried to put it out. You might want to revisit When We Got Back To My Daughter's city. Flashback. Flashback. I told her I smelled something burning. She said I didn't. It pays (or not) to have a psychologist in the fam.

On Sunday Morning there was a wonderful segment on Nancy Meyers. I love almost every movie she has written. Almost. I would like to spend a week with her. She is brilliant in my opinion.
I have always been interested in script writing, I just don't know how to do it. But my first writing attempt in sixth grade was...a play. Does that count? I wrote several that our school put on as little plays maybe skits. I rewrote some childhood stories. But it was fun. I love love love going to plays. Love it.

Sometimes I forget

I went out to answer the door. You know Kiki comes a knocking twice a day. I hurried because frankly she has little patience and will swipe at me if I don't move fast enough. As I turned to come back in my house well...lookey there. I forgot to take my keys out of the lock. They had been there all night.
Even though I live in a very safe place where many people do not lock their doors, I didn't like the fact that I neglected to bring my keys indoors.
You know what a scaredy cat I am. Meow!

As much as I would like to stay in bed on Monday mornings and pull the covers over my head I can't do that. But Monday can be like a new year- you know...with new beginnings...fresh starts. I truly believe this but...um where is Friday, my favorite child?
What's in store for your week?


Mattenylou said…
A new baby in the family, how nice! They give such joy!

Keys in the door, oops, been there, done that... well, at least you found them before the frantic searching began...lol

Take care and enjoy your Monday!
Gail said…
I, too, always have loved to write, but unlike you, I have never done anything with it.

I saw a friend from many years ago and he said I imagined you drowning in manuscripts.

Not me.

I wonder what happened.

Have a wonderful Monday.
Sally said…
how great would that be to - to share your writing journey with your dad!

I'll be back to reread this- cos it's MONDAY and I have to stop and get to work :(

have a good one...
Anonymous said…
Write, write, write, then submit, submit, submit, say I. Words were meant to be shared, good lady. Good luck! :)
Congrats on the new baby coming!

Love your pictures!

Best wishes with your short story submissions! I think submitting is the best thing for them. You KNOW they won't get published if you don't try. And steeling yourself for the worst means that when you do get good news, it'll be a pleasant surprise! :)

Mystery Writing is Murder
Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen
Hi JW .. great photos .. and congratulations to your d-in-l (not you!!) for the coming addition, though obviously Granny will get a big look in.

Sounds like a busy but enjoyable week .. me I'm visiting my mother and tidying my decks - so 2010 can really start ..

Good for you and I'm sure the Yes will come through fairly soon ..

Hilary Melton-Butcher
Positive Letters Inspirational Stories
Robin Lambright said…
Congrats on the new arrival of a grandbaby, I am easing into the role of grandma myself, it defiantly an interesting and very different role from mom...

Have a great week!

Joanne said…
Did you see the segment on singer Melody Gardot on Sunday morning? What an amazing story. I bought her cd yesterday, what beautiful songs she has created, I so recommend it. And congrats on writing and submitting ... I'll be waiting for the post on the ACCEPTANCE :)
Tamika: said…
Mondays are a double edged sword! I hope you hear wonderful things about your short stories.

My week will mean writing, writing, and more writing.
Betty Manousos said…
OMG! Congrats on the new baby coming!
Love your pics!
Oh,It's going to be a busy/exciting week for you.
Have a great day!xx
Carol Kilgore said…
What a busy week. I'm tired!

Congratulations on becoming a grandmother again :)
CM said…
I love that picture of you with your kiddos, so adorable!!! What memories, huh? Congrats on becoming a grandmommy again.

Good luck with your submissions! Sooner or later...:-)

I liked Star Trek (2009) too! I thought it was really well done, and I'm not even a Sci Fi fan!

Happy Monday to you!
patti said…
I LOVE Mondays b/c the routine of writing keeps me from flying all over the house!

Congrats on the blessing of a new edition! Sigh. All I have are granddogs!

This week? Edits. Polishing up a proposal. Critique. Read two books, one for research, one for possible endorsement.

Fun, Fun!!!

Mattenylou, I hadn't thought about searching for them. :)

Gail, Write, Girl.

Sally, I do love writing.

Simon, I am, I am, I am. :)

Elizabeth, I look like I'm twelve. :) Gee they grew up fast.

Hilary, Hoping you get started soon...on your new year.

Robin, Nothing better than the grandma role.

Joanne, YES wasn't Melody amazing? I love her voice.

Tamika, Do it!

Betty and Carol, Thanks!

CM, As I said above, I looked twelve in the photo. I miss those days with my little ones, but I really enjoy my kids as grown ups.
Patti, Sounds like a busy week, but one I would enjoy. I have granddogs and cats. :)
Mattenylou said…
JW, it's me again...You and your wonderful blog have been awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award, congratulations! Please come to my blog to accept this award, http://www.onlarchlane.com/
Congrats, grandchildren are the bomb.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on the new grandbaby! The little ones are such joy. :) I relate to the keys in the door- although this Sunday I managed to leave the ONLY house key inside when I went out. Luckily had a neighbor around with the spare to let the family back in. Boy was the little one not happy about waiting.

At least Tuesday is closer to Friday!
The Park Wife said…
Congrat on the new baby in the family, what a blessing. Hey, you are an extraordinary writer, don't down yourself. You are an inspiration to me.
The Park Wife
MedSchoolWife said…
I know what you mean about the write, submit, write, submit. As writers, we have to get used to rejection, but it doesn't mean it feels good :) I'm glad you got to go antiquing -- I am lately very addicted to that.
tattytiara said…
I know exactly what you're talking about with left over Monday on Tuesday pushing everything forward to Friday. Whenever things get nuts at work my boss always tries to be a good boss and offer me a day off, and that's exactly why I always say no. It's too exhausting to take a day off when you're busy!
Elizabeth B. Thanks and Indeed.

Kimberly, I have so many stories about my keys. I think they have it in for me.

PW, thank you so much, that means so much!

Constance, I wish someone would pay me to go antiquing.

TT, Welcome!! I love it. I think I should say no more often. Then the old girls (Monday,Tuesday...) wouldn't shove so much.
Unknown said…
Good luck on your submissions and baby. Boy! You have a lot going on.
We have 23 grands and 3 greats now. They haven't got this thing figured out - I think they're having too much fun "practicing."

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