Tuesday's Ten

I want you to know that I feel sorry for Tuesday and that is why I am encouraging her to do something good for mankind or JW-kind. Tuesday is often overlooked but quietly (or not so quietly) rebels, as you can see from her photo. She goes to extremes to be noticed. She didn't even consider that this photo could end up on a social network page- somewhere. So, I "think" I'm going to try out a new series to help her out... because (shh) Tuesday is a bit bland...a smidgen boring. I am giving Tuesday Girl a purpose and so begins my Tuesday Ten.

But first let's talk a minute about Tuesday's sisters.

We all know Monday... way too well. She has her own following - because she is pushy and self centered always forcing fun-loving people back to work. We love to hate Monday. Or is it just me?

Wednesday is a sweet girl and often loved because she is the middle of week and gently or not so gently pushes us toward Friday. It doesn't matter how she pushes, we just love that she cares enough to push. Wednesday inspires me.

Then there is Thursday who frankly is overlooked because of her well liked sisters Wednesday and Friday. Thursday flies under the radar and I don't know her very well.

But, Friday...lovely... beautiful ... my favorite child- Friday. Do I need to say more? I welcome Friday with open arms...with love in my heart. (Oh, and I may have called Friday a brother at one time- sorry. I changed my mind)

There is also Saturday and Sunday. We will talk about those girls another day.

Now it's Tuesdays turn to shine. Oh and would someone tell her to return my girdle and black hose. She can keep the veil. Poor thing.

Each week Tuesday will share with you 10 things that I've learned in life (since she has not a life of her own). That is...unless I stop learning...or stop caring about what I have learned... or find something new to distract me. My attention span is that of a two-year-old.

You need to know this about me.

So here's to you, Tuesday. I hope you will feel better soon with your new purpose.

Let's begin with this wonderful quote which hints to my first list.

A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts. ~Washington Irving

Here are 10 things I have learned about being a mom:

1. No matter how hard you try to protect your children they will fall ...they will skin their knees.

2. You will, at some point, hear your parents' words come out of your mouth. You will stop and ask "who said that"?

3. You can spend hundreds of dollars on the latest toys, but all your child really wants is the cardboard box the toy came in...and time with you.

4. You can never say I love you too much.

5. You can't totally appreciate your own parents until you have children.

6. Your children will never be totally paid back for the transgressions of their youth... until they have their own children. Then you can grin.

7. You don't realize how much money you actually make until your children stop dollaring you to death and how much you have spent on those dollaring moments.

8. Oh and there's no way your children can ever make enough money to pay you back.

9. I have learned I don't have to be as sad as my saddest child, but I usually am.

10. I would do it all over again, being a mom with the same kids.

Do you want to hear one of my brilliant quotes said to my children as they were growing up?When they were not being nice to each other...or me I would say, "Keep your uglies in your diaper". Yes it has lost its impact as they have moved into adulthood, but I still use it from time to time.

Wow I just realized that my quote could come back to bite me. I'm just saying. What if there are diapers in my future?

What do you think is Tuesday's problem? Is it me? Is it her birth order?


  1. Wow. My comments could become a post in themselves. Those observations are so true and Yes! They apply to my experience as well. Very insightful list!

  2. How fun and quirky and playful! Carry on.

  3. I'm already love this series of yours, and waiting for more..I like your 10 learned things, and wonder what I did learn..

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hi Teresa .. I love the uglies and diapers .. and yes it could just happen!! I know only too well.

    Tuesday's child is wonderful .. she's full of grace ..

  5. What a great list!

    I've noticed #2 happening a lot lately. :) And you're so right about #9....my daughter was crying yesterday about a test she took at school and I was miserable the whole day, even after she got over it!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  6. Oh so much truth here. And we wouldn't trade one second of being a mother for anything else, ever. Great Tuesday Talk today :)

  7. Motherhood is the hardest and best job I've ever had. I like Tuesday!

  8. I understand about being a Mom. Sometimes I would give anything for my 40 year old daughter to be a child again so we could spend time together as we did then. I love your quotes. I think the problem is in Tuesday's birth order. She's not the grabbing attention kind, so she fades into the background. Great post.

  9. Hmmm. All I know is this is the most fun thing I've read all morning!! How do you do it, day after day?

    Tuesday's child is full of grace, so really, she should be okay.

    Maybe insecurity of being stuck between the more glamorous days has demoralized her???

    Shine, Ruby Tuesday, shine.

    LOVE this blog!!!!!!!


  10. The saying "Keep your uglies in your diaper" is awesome! I'm going to start using it with my kids!

    Love your list! There really isn't anyway to prevent our children from experiencing life's hurts, even though we'd love to take them upon our shoulders.

  11. Really cool post. I'm so happy you're doing something for Tuesday :)

  12. Wow, look at that picture!

    I like this idea, JW. It's a good one. And your 10 list is so true!

  13. Lee and Lakeviewer, Thanks and I will.

    Mumsy, Thanks. I think I will like it too.

    Hilary, My quote often makes my people laugh or my children groan.

    Elizabeth, #9 always gets me.

    Joanne, I wouldn't trade one moment for anything.

    Cindy, I'll tell Tuesday. :)

    Judy, Me too. Sometimes when I see mothers will young children - I sigh- another season - gone.

    Patti, You're so funny. Happy to oblige.

    Jody, Be my guest. They may look at you oddly, but they will get it eventually.

    Carol, Thank you!

    Janna, I like your new picture. Thanks for the other.

  14. I never thought much about neglected Tuesday until you called attention to her. I’m glad your honoring her with your list day. Today’s list was great. I really identified with number 2 and 10.

  15. What a funny post. I like your thoughts on being a mom... very informative.


  16. What a great way to think of the days of the week...and yup -- as a mother of a 1 & 6-year-old I know what you mean about the cardboard boxes.

  17. I can't believe "how much my mom learned" when I was pregnant with my first child. :-)

  18. Ahhh, I'm a Saturday girl. literally...born on Saturday and also the last child, like the day of the week, so Tuesday? I don't know...but your post reminded me of the things mothers say, and a post I wrote is so in tune with that, I think you'd find it funny....


  19. well, now you've got me feeling sorry for Tuesday- I really am going to have to start paying more attention!
    love your list!

  20. Great stuff Teresa...love it all. Hopefully I leanred something too

  21. I'm wondering how many children Tuesday has? I think she keeps her expectations low. She's calm and thoughtful. I kinda like her.

  22. Oh dear, when have I laughed so hard? I'm beginning to love Tuesday, veil, pantyhose and all!
    We had a repeat lesson of #3 today. My boys do love those boxes. I keep telling The Man that we should stick with boxes only on Christmas!!


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