I saw yesterday who I really want to be

More than likely if you are reading this, no matter how old you are
—someone, somewhere is older than you. Now, this genius statement wasn't to flatter you, but to encourage you  to think. You might be old to someone and a youngster to someone else. Young or old, life is hard. And sometimes, we need a lended hand.

For instance, take the lady at our very small Wal-Mart yesterday.

I went there to pick up an online purchase. Before I could get to the counter, I noticed an older lady trying to sit down safely in a non-motorized wheelchair while keeping the attached shopping basket tilted sideways all at the same time. Her three leggedcane stood at attention by the chair and her purse sat on the floor. I said, “Can I help you in any way?” She said, “Yes, honey, you can hold the chair still until I sit down.” Then she sat and pulled the red shopping basket across the front of the chair, and tried to get comfortable. I picked up her purse and said, “You probably want this and here’s your cane.” She thanked me more than once. Our final contact was when she looked up into my eyes, smiled, and thanked me again.

I really wanted to push her around the store, but didn’t want to intrude. I didn’t know how much helping was enough and how much was too much. I wondered. She rolled around on her own doing a great job, I might add.

My response wasn't much, but enough. At least I came out of my self-absorbed world for five minutes to notice her.

Although, I am always glad to learn one new thing a day, I learned four things yesterday:
  1. I am not an island, so why do I try to be?
  2. I need to be more open to people helping me, too.
  3. I should not walk by someone who might need help even if I'm afraid they will yell at me when I ask to help.
  4. And, I saw yesterday the person in me I really want to be: A little fearless, Helpful, Open.
Have you learned any new lessons lately?


Mason Canyon said…
I've learned that my patience isn't what it should be. Your post inspires me to be more giving and open as sometimes it only takes a few minutes to make a big difference.

Thoughts in Progress
Devon Ellington said…
That's lovely and inspiring!

I'm afraid the lessons I've learned in the past few years have made me less open rather than more, which is unfortunate. But, right now, necessary for survival.
JeMA said…
I have learned that all people are created good. I am working on seeing people as coping when they have bad behaviors. If I can see people as good, I have more to offer them.
Angela C. said…
I had an elderly neighbor lady move in to the apartment next to me and her children didn't live close so at times I have taken her to the Dr., and drove her to get her prescriptions or groceries.

It's built into me...if I see a need, I can't ignore it. If someone gets offended I know it's not about me. If they are elderly, it's hard to accept that they can't do what they once did. Won't we all be there someday ourselves?

So I always think of the Golden Rule, "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you".

Also, the verse saying we could be "entertaining angels unaware".

Also, Teresa please pray for me. I had an interview yesterday at St. John's in Springfield. I really need a job! God is good though...ALL the time!
Linda Hoye said…
A wise and wonderful post. I am still trying to get it through my head that I'm not an island; I'm so tempted to want to be one sometimes!
Unknown said…
That's some really great advice. I know that I sometimes get distracted by life and forget that others exist. Thanks for the reminder.

Mary Aalgaard said…
Yes. I wreselte with situations like the one you describe. Some people are so fiercely independent that they are angry when others offer to help. However, asking the question the way you did seems like the best approach. Other people feel frustrated that no one helps them. In the end, we all need to state our needs clearly and be open to possibilities.
Heartwarming and inspiring.
Reaching out can get you bit but is soooo worth it.

Gail said…
Dad always said we should learn something new every day. Today, it is not something new, but I know I am not the person I could be.
Jules said…
I learned a long time ago giving is much better than receiving and it takes less muscles to smile than frown. Everyday I try to learn a new way to achieve both.

Wonderful post. :D
Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
I would've helped that woman, too. I don't like to see people struggle.
I learned you are one awesome person!
Terri Tiffany said…
Good lessons for sure. I relearn lessons every day--that I can be sweet and nice to clerks etc and my results will be better than if I get snippy. :)
CM said…
How kind of you. I'm sure she appreciated it, even if she didn't say so.

I've learned that I can dare to be open with my writing and people are encouraging and supportive...including YOU. Thanks my friend :-)
BeadedTail said…
Lovely post and such a wonderful reminder that helping others helps us too!
Hi Theresa .. I have come to understand I need to be patient with slower, older people and not too wanting to get on with things - time to them is important .. but at their pace.

Youngsters - I can be quick to interrupt and 'add my wisdom' - completely not necessary .. let them live and learn .. while I prompt and they evaluate ..

As you say - it is difficult to know .. how much help to give - another dilemma ..

growing old gracefully is an art & something I hope I've learnt a little about in these past few years .. we need to accept we need assistance sometimes! - realising what we can still do .. and what we can't ..

Glad you helped her .. and by telling us - perhaps we'll learn and help others .. Hilary
I am the eternal helper...on the other hand I have a lot of trouble accepeing help or complements. Go figure....

Have an extraordinary day!
Indie said…
I think definitely #4 is good for me to think about...

Carol Murdock said…
I love helping people, especially the elderly. Great post and bless you! XOXO

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