"Keep scribbling! Something will happen." Frank McCourt

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

My First IWSG Post EVER!

I’m not gonna lie, I feel a bit giddy about my first time posting as an Insecure Writer. Excited, too. I’m not excited that I’m an insecure writer or that there has to be a group of supporting writers to help other writers with their insecurities, but dang it, we are a sensitive group, full of huge talent, and we bleed when you stab us.

So please don’t stab with knives or broken glass or use cruel words because that's that same thing.

What kept me from joining the group? I don’t know unless it’s been that I’m so insecure that I was too insecure to join an insecure writer group.

Maybe that.

Maybe I’m lazy? No, I'm not lazy.

Maybe because I have a problem with commitment? That's it! But commitment is good for us.

Here is a small sample of my insecure thoughts:
* I’m a writer. I know that I am a writer because writing for me is like breathing; I must do it. If I have a writing instrument, I write every day. But without something newly published or published at all, when you say to non-writers, I’m a writer, they nod and say, “That's nice" or "Good for you". Then they leave and never look you in the eye again. Well maybe not that last part or the first part. It's probably my insecurity talking.  

* I have no formal training as a writer. I mean, you can tell this by reading my blog. Yes, English is my first language, but grammar and punctuation are foreign languages to me. Oh and get this, I work in a school. Trust me when I say, I am surrounded by grammar Nazis judging every little sentence. They can't help it.  They're good people, mostly.

* I can’t even count the ways I’ve grown as a writer since I began blogging and following other writers. I’ve read everything.single.thing.out.there. you all have posted about writing. Not every single thing, but nearly. This is NOT an insecurity, but thought I'd add it.

* I'm a fast reader, but I’m not a fast writer. When writing, I become Tommy Turtle.  I think this is because I’m never ever (one more) EVER happy with what I write, so I pick at it like a good school nurse on a lice infested head. This nitpicking slows me down.

So, WELCOME to the IWSG, ME!
Thank you, Alex, for starting this group and website, and his helpers, too. Also for being a blogger friend to many, including myself, and inspiring others to be the best person they can be whatever that is. You are the real deal.