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Do creative minds (really) want to know?

There is more to authorship than writing if you want to be successful and read by others. There is a businesscomponent
I was helping my daughter brainstorm the other day on how to increase buyers for her business. She and my son are more business minded (like their father). I am not business minded. Nope. Imagine my surprise when she told me that my rants suggestions were helpful and that I do have a business mind. Her statement conflicted with my self talk that I am NOT business minded.
I kept denying it.
She kept insisting and added something about marketing.
I finished my argument with a sort of surrender when I said, “You know, I took a BuzzFeed quiz once and the results stated that I am 50% right brain and 50% left brain. I took it twice since I thought there was a mistake, but the second try confirmed that I am 50/50.”
I mean the results were on the internet after all and possibly peer beer reviewed.
Business intimidates me and feels a little constricting. But isn't a business…

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