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I am not a resting kind of person, and yet, long periods of rest between normal activities have become a part of my daily process so that I can move onto something else. As I planned to wait for a doctor's appointment, I thought about what to bring with me to occupy my racing mind.
Should I take a story idea or two and outline? (This one is fun for me.) Should I take a “finished” story that I’m editing for the umpteenth time to work on? (This one is agony for me.) Should I take my iPad and run through the fields of internet aimlessly? (Total waste of time.) I could take them all—just in case I changed my mind from the decision I made earlier.
Sadly, I cannot just sit still and enjoy doing nothing. I wish I were more like this. Also, spontaneous isn’t in my DNA dictionary or the word relaxation. This is who I am.
I am definitely my dad’s child. He was like this.
I’m a planner. I make lists to keep on task. As for my stories, I mostly write outlines to get me from point A to B.

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